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Geophysical Survey

The combination of experience, expertise and innovation creates a formidable survey team.

Drilling Services

Our mission is to deliver safe, modern, efficient drilling capacity to the upstream Energy &amp…

Geotechnical Survey

TBK is ready to provide customized geotechnical services to ISO, ASTM and NGI guidelines

Rig Management

DSOI rig management group provides specialist rig management to oil and gas operators…

Positioning Services

DSOI utilizes the latest in surface and underwater Positioning Systems to ensure delivering high …

Vessel Management

We offer customers a tailor made ship management service to suit their specific needs.

Fiber Optic Cable

Undersea fiber optic cables connect most of the world’s people, businesses and …

Mech E&I

We are a specialist engineering company, providing Mechanical/electrical/…

Diving Services

TBK provides professional diving services for offshore with safety and customer…

Vibration Services

DSOI is providing professional expertise through the engineers with 25 years of…

ROV Services

DSOI can provide ROV services to offshore construction, whether a multi-million dollars oil…

Rig Movement

We create custom-made project plans in close cooperation with our project managers

All in one solution just trust us


TAK BAHARAN KISH(TBK) is a dynamic company that offers a total solution to all near shore & offshore survey requirements.In addition to many years of project experience, our highly & qualified team has a strong background in research in a wide range of offshore foundations including Geo technical & Geophysical Services.

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